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ROLL ON BIG MAMA (Dan Darst) Joe Stampley - 1975 Roll on big mama Roll on big mama, I like the way you sing Roll on big mama, the nighttime lets her breathe Well the feel of the wheel delivers me From a life where I don't wanna be And the diesel smoke with every stroke Sings a song with a heavy note And ramblin' is the life I chose Sittin' here bewteen these doors The yellow line a-keepin' time To things that's a runnin' through my mind Through my mind Roll on big mama, I like the way you roll Roll on big mama, you are my very soul On through the snow and the drivin' rain To the forty below in Bangor Maine To the hundred and ten in the Texas sun There ain't no road that we ain't run Up through the Colorado mountain tops Down to the desert where Reno stops North to the green of Coeur D'Alene There ain't no road that we ain't seen We ain't seen Roll on big mama, you're singin' out my song Roll on big mama, the highway is our home Roll on big mama SPOKEN: Hey, anybody got a copy on this silver roadhog What's the smokey situation down the way, boys Mighty fine, I'm a-comin, I'm a-comin? Ohhh, son, we're comin' (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2020)


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