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ROLL ON DOWN THE HIGHWAY Bachman-Turner Overdrive We rented a truck and a semi to go Travel down the long and winding road Look on the map I think we've been here before, Close the doors let's roll once more. Cop on the corner, look he's startin' to write I don't need no ticket so I screamed out of sight, Drove so fast that my eyes can't see, Look in the mirror is he still followin' me? Let it roll down the highway Let it roll down the highway, Roll, roll. Look at the sign, we're in the wrong place Come on boys, let's get ready to race 454 coming over the hill The man on patrol, is going to give us a bill. The time's real short, you know the distance is long I'd rather have a jet but it's not in the song Climb back in the cab, cross your fingers for luck We gotta keep movie' if we're going to make a buck. Let it roll down the highway, . . .


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