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ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY Sam Cooke CHORUS: Don't, honey, don't go away, no no Don't you hear, don't you hear what I say, what I say? Give me time, give me time I'm gonna make your love as strong as mine But I know Rome wasn't built in a day Now you know that I love you, dear, with all my heart I know that you didn't love me from the start That I'm planting a little seed in your heart, I know & it just needs time to grow, baby (chorus) Listen to me, honey now How would Romeo feel if his Juliet Had turned down his advances & played hard-to-get? He would never let this bother him, this I know Because where there's life, there's hope (chorus) Don't you hear me tellin' you that Rome wasn't built in a day? Don't you realize that Rome wasn't built in a day? ...& fade


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