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ROSARITA Neil Sedaka The night is young here in the dark And my dream girl is struttin' again Back into her fantasy world She's a vision in red Wild eyes,long hair And a body, hard to describe Don't care what the people might say Chorus I think I love you You woman child You make my dream world Come alive Hot stuff,never get enough Don't you know that you're my dream lover I know that you've been around But there's just something I have to say, Rosarita,makes me crazy Got to be my baby I tell the world that you're mine Oh mine You're my fantasy You're my special fantasy You're my fantasy Rosarita One stolen night in her arms And for sure our bodies on fire One touch and I'm needing her more And it's filled with desire They say get over you But the feelings continue to grow Here comes that burning again. Chorus Instrumental Section Chorus Rosarita,Rosarita,Rosarita Rosa Rosarita Rosarita, Rosa Rosarita (to fade) (Transcribed by Machiel Bain - August 2002)


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