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ROSES ON THE 4th OF JULY (Nanci Griffith) Nanci Griffith - 2001 He still sends her roses on the 4th of July They're always white roses and she never asks why She still doesn't know where he goes Thursday nights But his wedding band rests on their bedside that night He was a soldier in the Vietnam war He lost half his right leg whilst daydreaming of her She lit a candle each holy hour he was gone "You Were On My Mind" was their favorite song Love is a mystery from birth 'till we die It's cross words of a morning, by evening entwined It's all that we dream of, sometimes it's not right Love is white roses, and you never ask why He's the hands of a draftsman, he's built a good life She works for a season during IRS time Two children they've had, though their boy has now died When they wake of each morning, he's still on their minds Their friends would all tell you they're like day and night Their daughter's an actress, she is strong and she's bright He meets with his pals from the war Thursday nights She still treasures those roses every 4th of July Love is white roses every 4th of July


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