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ROSITA (Her Name Was Rosita) Jimmy Kennedy (m) Michael Carr (l) 1940 as rec by Harry Roy & his Mayfair Hotel Orchestra (vocal - Johnny Burns) 1945 Rosita, Her name was Rosita. I used to serenade her, Old Spanish songs I played her On my guitar; She was lovely as a star! Rosita, I lived for Rosita. She met a caballero, He was her handsome hero Right from the start, And he won Rosita's heart. One night they planned an escapada, So they could wed at break of day. I helped them plan their escapada, And watched my love ride away. Rosita, I lost my Rosita, No more to serenade her. Somebody else has made her Happy, and so She will never, never know That I loved Rosita so! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2013)


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