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ROVING GAMBLER (Dean Manuel / Bobby Dyson) The Everly Brothers I am a roving gambler Gamble all around Whenever I need a deck of cards I lay my money down I've gambled down in Cape Town Played cards in Bloemfontein But I'm going back to Kimberley To gamble my last game (2x) I hadn't been in Kimberley Many more days than three When I fell in love with a purdy little girl She fell in love with me She took me in her parlour Cooled me with a fan She whispered low in her mother's ear I love this gambling man (2x) Tonight I'll go out on the town Hoping lady luck will bring A winning hand to this gambling man Then I'll buy a diamond ring The gamblers took their places The cards were dealt around I caught him dealing from the bottom of the deck And I shot that gambler down Here I am in prison Dragging a ball and chain I can still hear the old judge say You've gambled your last game Gambled your last game


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