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RUNNING GUN (Jim Glaser / Tompall Glaser) Marty Robins - 1959 Riders in the Sky - 1995 I rode out of Kansas City, going south to Mexico I was running, dodging danger, left the girl that I loved so Far behind lay Kansas City and the past that I had earned Twenty notches on my six gun marked the lessons I had learned Many times I sold my fast gun for a place to lay my head Till the nights began to haunt me by the men that I left dead Couldn't stand it any longer with the life that I'd begun So I said good-bye to Jeannie and became a running gun I rode into Amarillo as the sun sank in the west My thoughts in Kansas City and the girl that I love best As I smiled and kissed her gently and then turned away to go Said I'd send for her to meet me when I reached old Mexico I had barely left the saddle and my foot just touched the ground When a cold voice from the shadows told me not to turn around Said he knew about my fast gun, knew the price paid by the law Challenged by a bounty hunter, so I turned around to draw I knew someday I'd meet him, for his hand like lightning flashed My own gun stayed in leather as his bullet tore its path As my strength was slowly fading, I could see him walk away And I knew that where I lie today, he too must lie some day Now a crowd is slowly gathering but my eyes are growing dim And my thoughts return to Jeannie and the home that we had planned Oh, please tell her, won't you Mister, that she's still the only one But a woman's love is wasted when she loves a running gun


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