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SAFFRON DORMOUSE AND LIZZY BEE Roger Glover Saffron Dormouse: Pots and pans all spick and span hanging there in a tidy row, careful Tom don't scuff up the floor please don't make me scrub it again today we're on our way to the ball. Lizzy Bee: All day long I'm working like a slave but you'll never hear me complain in the sunshine or the rain. Saffron Dormouse: I've been asleep all Winter and now the spring is here, it's time for you to hear my song. Lizzy Bee: (hope it's not too long.) Saffron Dormouse: Every room is clean and bright now we'd better be on our way, Tom make sure you've got everything lock the door and give me the key, let's go to see the show at the ball. Lizzy Bee: Back to work tomorrow, but tonight going to eat and dance 'till I fall at the feast and at the ball.


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