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SALLY ANN (You're Such A Pretty Baby) (Paul Vance / Lee Pockriss) Ron Dante & The Cufflinks Sally Ann (You're such a pretty baby) Smile, Sally Ann, smile, Sally Ann, smile On a rainy night At the crack of dawn A little baby cried And Sally Ann was born. She grew prettier every day And I remember what I used to say (refrain) Sally Ann you're such a pretty baby Sally Ann you're such a pretty child You create a little bit of sunshine Every time you smile Sally Ann smile, Sally Ann smile As the years went by Sally Ann and I Promised to be true Till the day we die We kept pledging our love each day And I remember what I used to say (repeat) Then one lonely night As I passed her door Sally Ann was there And this is what I saw She was giving her love away And I remember what I heard him say (repeat twice and fade)


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