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SALOME (H. Weston / J. Turner) Harry Roy & His Band - 1941 Billy Cotton & His Band - 1941 Carry on, carry on (voices mumbling) In Egypt where all the pyramids are Down our street where lots of dirty kids are There's a café painted white Where all the sailors like to go at night There's a native band, help they play But the best thing is the cabaret Expect the suffocation, boltin' up the doors When they put up the show (Salome, Salome) (You should see Salome) Dancing there with her feet all bare Every little wriggle makes the boys all stare (She swings it, she flings it) (And the sheiks all murmur, "Oh") While the old sphinx winks and winks and winks Out there where the sandbags grow Carry on, carry on (voices mumbling) Salome, she's the idle of the kids She looks a-like a million dollar saucepan lid Curtain ring stuck through her nose And bells upon her pretty little toes She's a dusky, and though she looks so posh She'd be a lighter colour if she only had a wash But every night, there's a big big fight To see that girl, Salome Carry on, carry on Ticki-wicky Wankee-wankee Carry on (Transcribed by Shelley Botka, Monique Adriaansen & Mel Priddle - January 2005)


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