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SALZBURG From the Broadway Show "Bells Are Ringing" (1956) (Jule Styne / Betty Comden / Adolph Green) Jean Stapleton, Eddie Lawrence (Broadway Production) – 1956 Beth Fowler & David Garrison (Broadway Revival) – 2001 Sue: You said it! You said it! I heard you say it! Oh Sandor! Sandor: Sue, Sue, Sue, I Love you, honey. Sue, Sue, Sue, Give me your money. With your life savings in the little blue sock, Sue: We will have enough to keep us out of hock. Sandor We'll fly together to a place I know where we, oh so happy will be. Sue: Oh, Where, Oh where is this place of mystery? Sandor (spoken) Where? Sandor: In Salzburg by the sea, Where love and laughter live eternally. In Salzburg by the hill, Where gondolas go gliding by the mill Sue: What a thrill darling! Sandor Tropical nights Sue: Festival lights Sandor Strudel for two at the midnight bull fights. Sue Arriba! Sandor In Salzburg, Lovely Salzburg Where the flying fishes play Where the schnitzel is high as an elephant's eyes And the skies are not cloudy all day. Come to Salzburg with me... (spoken) Liebchen! By the sea! Both O-le! Sandor (spoken) Come on, Sue. Sue (spoken) Oh, Sandor, Tell me more! Sandor (spoken) You want more? Sandor In Salzburg by the sea Sue You said it! Sandor Where all the worlds in love with gay Paree Sue: You said you love me! Sandor: In Salzburg on the shore Sue: He loves me! Sandor: Where Geisha girls keep coming back for more Sue: (spoken) Sandor! Sandor: (spoken) Liebchen Sue: We'll live in style Sandor: Gold by the pile Both: Goulash for two as we barge down the Nile. In Salzburg, Lovely Salzburg Sandor: Where the corn and 'taters grow. Sue: In our sweet home sweet home all the roads lead to Rome, Both: So, my darling, Let's hurry and go! Sandor: Come to Salzburg with me (spoken) Liebchen! Both: By the sea. O-le!


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