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SAM AND DELILAH From the Broadway show "Girl Crazy" (1930) (George & Ira Gershwin) Ethel Merman (Broadway Production) - 1930 Duke Ellington & His Cotton Club Orch. (vocal: Chick Bullock) - 1931 Lee Wiley - 1939 Tommy Dorsey & His Orch. (feat. in the film "Girl Crazy") - 1943 Louise Carlyle - 1951 Ella Fitzgerald (with Nelson Riddle & His Orch.) - 1959 Klea Blackhurst - 2004 Also recorded by: Debbie Gravitte As recorded by LEE WILEY: Delilah was a floozy She never gave a damn Delilah wasn't choosy Till she fell for a swell buckaroo By the name of Sam Delilah got in action Delilah did her kootch She gave him satisfaction And he fell 'neath her spell With the aid of love and hootch But one day, so they tell us His true wife he did crave Delilah, she got jealous And she tracked him and hacked him And dug for Sam a grave But it's always that way with passion So cowboy, learn to behave Or else you're liable to cash in With no tombstone at your grave Delilah, oh Delilah She's no babe in the wood Run, cowboy, run a mile If you love that kind of woman She'll do you no good If you love that kind of woman She'll do you no good (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2011)


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