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SAM JONES BLUES Al bernard / Roy Turk / J Russell Robinson Bessie Smith rec Sep 24th 1923 New York Who's that knockin' on that door? Jones? Better get away from that door! I don't know nobody named Jones! You're in the right church, brother, but the wrong pew! Sam Jones left his lawfully wife Just to step around, Came back home 'bout a year, Took it for his highbrown. Went to his accustomed shore, And he knocked hos knuckles sore! His wife she came, But to his shame She knew his face no more! Sam said, "I'm your husband dear!", But she said, "Dear? That's strange to hear! You ain't talkin' to Mrs Jones, You speakin' to Miss wilson now! I used to be your lawfully mate, But the judge done changed my fate!". "Was a time you coulda walked right in And call this place your sweet home, But now it's all mine, For all time, I'm free and livin' all alone!". "Don't need your clothes, Don't need your rent, Don't need your one's and two's. Though I ain't rich, I know my stitch, I earned my struttin' shoes!". "Say, hand me the key that unlocks my front door, Because the bell don't read 'Sam Jones' no more, no! You ain't talkin' to Mrs Jones, You speakin' to Miss Wilson now!". (Contributed by Peter Akers - August 2008)


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