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SAMOA (John S. Dunham, 1916) Down in Samoa, Down where they know-a, Dance they think is simply grand There's nothing to it, But when they do it, You will throw up both your hands You'd never dream it, Unless you've seen it, It fills your beaming face with smiles, And when they show you, It will control you, This dance of the South Sea Isles. In Pago, Pago, They do the Tango, But its diff'rent from our own And when they're dancing, It's so entrancing You forget your Home Sweet Home Their costumes charming, But so alarming, You'll wonder what will happen while They're in the garden, That loving garden, Way down in the South Sea Isles. But when they start a singing their plaintive songs, The kind you've not heard before You could sit and listen the whole night long Then You'll ask for more and if they do the dance that they do for kings, 'Twill set your brain in a whirl When they do that dance, it puts you in a trance. For that's when you'll owe your life to Samoa, Down in the South Sea Isles.


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