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SAN FRANCISCO FAN (Joe Jackson) Joe Jackson San Francisco Fan Loved a no go gambling man She drank the coffee dregs so she could fry his eggs in a golden frying pan Can Canned by command Of the gold-rush cafe band She gave her man her pay He gambelled it away Playing Chinatown bandstand Once they caught him cheating And he knw that he was beaten When a miner aimed a pistol at his head Fanny when she seen 'em Ran and jumped right in between 'em And she stopped a dozen slugs of poisoned lead! There lay Fanny dyin' While a hundred men stood cryin' And the angels up above were cryin' too When seven horses stated draggin' Fanny's coffin in a wagggon Through a dusty California venue San Francisco Fan Gave her life to save her man A man who wasn't worth a shovel full of earth From the gra-ave of San Francisco Fan! (Transcribed by Henry Watkinson - January 2004)


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