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SAN FRANCISCO IS A LONELY TOWN (Ben Peters) Eddy Arnold - 1969 Charlie Rich - 1969 Glen Campbell - 1976 Two happy people on a Greyhound bus We came here lookin' for a life for us But the nightlife is her new life And the only thing I've found Is San Francisco is a lonely town Oh, there've been good times for a little while But now her new friends say I cramp her style I guess I'm only in the way now And she don't need me hangin' round San Francisco is a lonely town Now she's out there somewhere across the Bay And she'll be wondering where I am when she gets in today She'll find I've left her a one-way ticket home And while she stands there cryin' all alone And while the Greyhound keeps on rollin' I'll pray the Lord she's found San Francisco is a lonely town San Francisco is a lonely town (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2013)


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