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SARAH'S EYES (Shirl Milete / Vern Gosdin) I found her in the mornin' sunshine standin' by the road She said she was a traveller with no place to go I told her I was goin' there and offered her a ride I was taken with the look in Sarah's eyes We laughed and talked and told eah other everything we knew And we made love in the warm sunshine that afternoon She had no strings or hang-ups and we found a natural high When I made the lovelight shine in Sarah's eyes I said I'm so glad I found you She said arms feel so right around you I will always love you There'll be no other love in Sarah's eyes Time sure takes its time when you got no place else to be And purpose takes the pleasure out of bein' free We travelled light and we never once looked back or wondered why Till I saw a troubled look in Sarah's eyes Then on a cold night in Chicago she lay cryin' in my arms Her fever raged and burned as the new life in her formed Then just before she left this world she smiled and said goodbye I watched the soul take flight from Sarah's eyes And I cried I will always love you And she said I'll be waiting for you Until we're back together No light will ever shine in Sarah's eyes (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2020)


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