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SATURDAY'S CHILDREN (Andre Previn / Bob Russell) as recorded by June Christy with orchestra conducted by Pete Rugolo 1958 I would call me Saturday's child, For Saturday's children got nothin' for free! Nothin' comes easy, like forgettin' you, Can't I just fall in love with somebody new? For some people fortune has smiled, But Saturday's children live dangerously. Always the hard way, as I've always found, I'm on some not so very merry-go-round! Where there's a will there must be a way, At least that's what some second string philosophers say! But then those eyes, those eyes bewilder me, And what is wise and what's to be, what's to be? What's the smart thing? How can I know when even your laughter bewitches me so? Saturday's children let their hopes run wild, No-one tries harder than a Saturday's child! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2015)


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