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SAVE IT, PRETTY MAMA (Don Redman / Paul Denniker / Joseph Davis) Don Redman (with McKinney's Cotton Pickers) Also recorded by : Louis Armstrong; Sidney Bechet; Ruby Braff; Dick Carry; Lee Castle; Doc Cheatham; Lee Collins; Eddie Condon; Wild Bill Davison; Don Ewell; Dave Frishberg; Lionel Hampton; Coleman Hawkins; Earl Hines; Art Hodes; Magnificent Seven; Milano Hot Jazz Orch.; Steve Pistorius & The Mahogany Hall Stompers; Sackville All Stars; Rex Stewart; Joe Sullivan; Johnny Varro. Save it, pretty Mama, Save it day by day; Don't you dare give none away. Oh, let it pile up, Mama, And when you say, I'll come around, dear. Spend the day. I've a brand of lovin' Can't be beat; My way of huggin' Is sure a treat; I know that we can agree, So save it, pretty Mama, Save it all for me! (Contributed by Bill Huntley - February 2005)


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