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SAY, HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY SWEET GYPSY ROSE (Irwin Levine / L. Russell Brown) Dawn featuring Tony Orlando We were happy, at least I thought we were Can somebody tell me what's got into her? A house, a home, a family and a man that loves her so Who'd believe she'd leave us to join a burlesque show? Oh say, has anybody seen my Sweet Gypsy Rose Here's her picture when she was my sweet Mary Jo Now she's got rings on her fingers and bells on her toes Say has anybody seen my Sweet Gypsy Rose? Oh I got, wind my Jo's been dancin' here in New Orleans In this smoke-filled honky tonk they call The Land of Dreams Now here she comes struttin' in her birthday clothes Say has anybody seen my Sweet Gypsy Rose? Oh baby, baby won't cha come home We all miss you and every night we kiss your picture Suppose one night the lights go dim and the crowd goes home That's the day you wake up and you find you're all alone So let's say goodbye to Gypsy Rose, hello Mary Jo Say has anybody seen my sweet gypsy rose? So take those rings off your fingers, and bells off your toes Say has anybody seen my Now you know just what I mean by Has anybody seen my Sweet gypsy Rose?


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