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SAY, WHO IS THAT BABY DOLL? (Al Turk / Maceo Pinkard) Cliff Edwards - 1925 Sam Lanin's Ipana Troubadours (vocal: Billy Jones) - 1925 Jack went out for a walk with his best pal And while out for a walk, he spied a gal Her face was beautiful, and so was her style He grabbed his buddy's collar And then began to holler Say, look at that baby Hey, look at that baby Say, look at that baby now I never knew they made them like this She's what I call a bundle of bliss And is she slick, look at that smile and cute boyish bob Quick, hurry or I'll be crushed in the mob My poor heart beats just like a drum now We've gotta meet somehow Say, look at that baby doll (Instrumental Break) Say, who's that baby Whoever she may be She's gonna be mine, I know I'll walk right up beside her and see I'll say that she took something from me I'll have her pinched Have a policeman take her to jail Then 'll come back and I'll go her bail They'll wonder how I ever copped her I'd love to adopt her Say, who's that baby doll (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2020)


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