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SAY YES Nicholas Caldwell - 1981 Come here, let痴 talk dear. There are things inside me, I want you to hear. I want to soak into to you like rain, Make love until my energy drains. And as lust erases all shame You値l scream my name Out of pleasure not pain. If you just say yes, I will do the rest. Come here, this is your hour. Like raindrops on a flower Come bathe in my love shower. Then let me blow your body dry. Kiss the tears from your sexy eyes. And as our passion begins to rise We値l lay hypnotized by the pleasure inside. If you just say yes, please say yes I値l do the rest. Ooh, I want to build you a dream home, Made of love not just wood and stone. Give you the deed to all that I own Give you love beyond limit Give you babies in our image. If you just say yes I値l do the rest. Have you ever been kissed From head to toe, down your back Around to your navel? Well, you got that coming my sweet And even more tricks and treats I知 willing and able because I love you, Really, really love you And I知 so damn proud of you baby Say Yes Baby please say yes!


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