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SCATTERBRAIN (aka SCATTER-BRAIN) (Khan Keene / Carl Bean / Frankie Masters / Johnny Burke) Frankie Masters & His Orch. (vocal: Frankie Masters) - 1939 Freddy Martin & His Orch. (vocal: Glen Hughes) - 1939 Benny Goodman & His Orch. (vocal: Louise Tobin) - 1939 Jack Hylton & His Orch. (vocal: Sam Browne) - 1939 Oscar Rabin's Band (vocal: Beryl Davis & Gary Gowan) - 1940 Billy Kyle & Milt Herth Trio (vocal: O'Neil Spencer) - 1941 Also recorded by: Ray Anthony; Stephane Gappelli; Blue Barron & His Orch; Skinnay Ennis & His Orch; Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians; Errol Garner; Lawrence Welk: ........ and others. Everyone who sees you says, fascinating face Heavens, what a figure and, goodness me, what grace Everyone who meets you must lose his heart, I find Then he's sure to lose his mind You're as pleasant as the morning And refreshing as the rain Isn't it a pity that you're such a scatterbrain When you smile it's so delightful When you talk it's so insane Still it's charming chatter, scatterbrain I know I'll end up apoplectic But there's nothing I can do It's just the same as being in a hurricane And though my life will be too hectic I'm so much in love with you Nothing else can matter You're my darling scatterbrain You're as gay as New Year parties You're as sweet as sugarcane But when you get serious, you're such a scatterbrain When we dance I think it's heaven Till about the third refrain Then you start your patter, scatterbrain Perhaps I'm much too analytic But I'm up the well-known tree I've tried to understand your double-talk in vain Yet, won't you please forgive your critic 'Cause you mean so much to me Nothing else can matter You're my darling scatterbrain


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