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SCHOOL IS OUT Gary "U.S." Bonds A-one, a-two, a-one two three four No more books and studies And I can stay out late with my buddies I can do the things that I want to do 'Cause all my exams are through I can root for the Yankees from the bleachers And don't have to worry 'bout teachers I'm so glad that school is out I could sing and shout! CHORUS: (School is out) Everybody's gonna have some fun (School is out) Everybody's gonna jump and run (School is out) Come on people don't you be late (School is out) I just got time to take my girl out on a date School is out at last And I'm so glad I passed So everybody come and go with me! We're gonna have a night with Daddy GGo Daddy! (Sax solo, including the words:) That's great! Let's celebrate! With a little bit of soul now! Oh yeah! The party's here! CHORUS (Sax solo) Fade on chorus


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