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SEA CHANGE Peter Tork I drank your deep sea water Kneeling at your shore. Felt your changes in my body, Came crawling back for more. Screeching seagulls, moaning whales Dare me to exist. Do I enter Mother Ocean, Do I dare resist? I give up. I surrender to your charms. Take me down into your depths And let me drown in your arms. CHORUS: Take me down Take me down Take me down Take me down Shape me, bend me to your will, Only give me time To learn to seek your will for me And to ease your mind. And I will do my best for you Each moment that I'm able. I only want to please you As I lie here in your cradle. CHORUS Let the ocean waters wreak their Darkness black as coal. Drown the old me, make me over, Claim my soul. CHORUS (Repeat)


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