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SECOND CHORUS (Soundtrack) Songs from the film "Second Chorus" (1940) Starring Fred Astaire, Paulette Goddard, Burgess Meredith, and Artie Shaw & His Orchestra (I AIN'T HEP TO THAT STEP BUT I'LL) DIG IT (Hal Bourne / Johnny Mercer) Performed by Fred Astaire, Paulette Goddard, and the Band PAULETTE: It seems to me FRED: It seems to you PAULETTE: I said it seems to me FRED: You said it seems to you PAULETTE: Seems to me I smell a mouse FRED: Somewhere about the house FRED: It seems to me BAND: It seems to you FRED: I said it seems to me BAND: You said it seems to you FRED: That such an embarrasing situation calls for concentration FRED: Do you dig me, Jack BAND: We dig you, Jack FRED: Can you think of a plan BAND: We solid can FRED: To get me out of this mess BAND: Uh, yes, yes, yes. Start the music and play it fast FRED: Solid, Jack BAND: Solid, Jack BAND: Can you sing and dance FRED: I'll take a chance BAND: Are your boots on right FRED: I got 'em laced up tight BAND: Is Miss Miller a killer FRED: From a Spanish villa BAND: Is her dancin' mellow FRED: Why, mellow as a cello BAND: Then it seems to me, obviously, you want to go right into your terpsichory FRED: What will it be PAULETTE: Don't look at me FRED: Now let me see, what will it be FRED: I never could do the Conga Could never get through the Conga But if you say "do the Conga" I ain't hep to that step, but I'll dig it I never could see Mazurkas They're poison to me, Mazurkas But if it's to be Mazurkas I ain't hep to that step, but I'll dig it BAND: When they invented the Charleston He was a total flop FRED: Right! But, say, if you want a Charleston I'll never stop, I'll dance till I drop BAND: Right! FRED: I never could dig the Polka The corniest jig, the Polka But if you say dig the Polka I ain't hep to that step, but I'll dig it ********** (WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE THE) LOVE OF MY LIFE (Johnny Mercer / Artie Shaw) Performed by Fred Astaire with Artie Shaw & His Orch. Would you like to be the love of my life for always And always watch over me To square my blunders and share my dreams One day with caviar, next day a chocolate bar Would you like to take the merry-go-round I'll lead you, I'll need you Just Wait till you see I hope in your horoscope there is room for a dope who adores you That would make the only dream of my life come true For the love of my life is you ********** BEAUTIFUL DREAMER (Stephen Foster) Performed by Charles Butterworth Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song List while I woo thee with soft melody ********** POOR MR. CHISHOLM (Bernie Hanighen / Johnny Mercer) Performed by Fred Astaire & Burgess Meredith Reprised by Fred Astaire Poor Mr. Chisholm played on the mandolin But he couldn't win 'Cause he tried to swing And he broke a string every time Poor Mr. Chisholm just couldn't dig the jive When he did arrive at the proper note He arrived by boat every time He tried to jazz up his mandolin But never could quite control it He always brought Bach and Handel in When it took a lick, he always broke a pick Poor Mr. Chisholm You're quite a gay old blade With your serenade, but you're corny, Jack Better truck on back to Dubuque, get a uke You disgraced your kin on the mandolin every time ********** HOE DOWN THE BAYOU (Bernie Hanighen / Johnny Mercer) Performed by Fred Astaire, Burgess Meredith & Charles Butterworth BURGESS: You pick this up kids, pick it up, boy FRED: Yeah, yeah, come on son, the train won't wait BURGESS: That's it, that's it, now we're sailin' up that river On to Memphis, Chattanooga, hold on kids FRED: Hear them steamboat whistles blowin', tote that barge, pull that bale There's a cabin in the cotton, solid South, solid North, solid Jack CHARLES: Solid Jack BURGESS: Wagon wheels a-creakin' Westward Now we're rollin past the junction, on to Kansas, Cincinnati CHARLES: Cincinnati, my hometown FRED: His hometown, your hometown, everybody's hometown, Cincinnati! ********** Tunes played by Artie Shaw & His Orchestra during the film: SUGAR (Maceo Pinkard) EVERYTHING'S JUMPING (Artie Shaw) SWEET SUE JUST YOU (Victor Young / Will J. Harris) I'M YOURS (Johnny Green / E.Y. Harburg) DOUBLE MELLOW (Artie Shaw) CONCERTO FOR CLARINET (Artie Shaw) ********** All songs transcribed and/or verified by Mel Priddle - October 2007)


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