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SECOND HANDED FLOWERS (Tom T. Hall) Tom T. Hall - 1971 George Jones - 1972 James King - 2005 I was working in Miami for a day or two I decided I'd look up a girl that I once knew I bought some flowers and went to see the girl I used to know The lady at her door said she had married long ago Times will change and towns will change, but there I was alone And suddenly I wondered would Susie be at home So with the flowers in my hand I walked toward her gate Someone touched me on the arm and said, "You'll have to wait" Then I noticed there were people standing in a line And some of them were holdin' pretty flowers just like mine They explained that Susie had been in an awful crash Doctors said that she had just a little while to last (Instrumental Break) When I walked into her room I felt a sense of shame When I heard Susie whisper, "I'm awfully glad you came" She had been the girl that I had always gone to see When someone that I cared for had been untrue to me I handed her the flowers and she gently kissed my hand She said, "Don't be embarassed, you know I understand" I said goodbye and as I bent to kiss her fevered brow I heard her whisper, "Thank you for the second handed flowers" (Contributed by Mel - April 2010)


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