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SEE DIXIE FIRST (George L. Cobb / Jack Mahoney, 1916) So you are going on a trip today; Far away You will stray. You're going all around the world I know; Let me advise you, then pack up and go. I've seen the countries far over the sea, So just take this tip from me. They'll show you hospitality down there; Everywhere They are square. And Heaven can't be far away, that's true, For all the girls are like angels to you. Bright Dixie moonlight makes everything grand, There's no place like Dixieland. See Dixie first, just see Dixie first, That sunny Dixieland Where the Swanee is flowing, and cotton is growing; Just see it and you'll understand. Old Black Joe treats you like a brother, Mammy Snow cooks just like your mother. Dixie folks will meet you, they'll be glad to greet you, See old Dixie first.


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