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SEND FOR ME (Ollie Jones) Nat King Cole - 1957 Earl Grant - 1958 Frankie Lymon- 1958 Emile Ford - 1960 Gene McDaniels - 1961 Julie London - 1961 Paul Anka - 1962 Marvin Gaye - 1965 Also recorded by: Freddy Cole; Rhythm Rockets; The Stylistics; Pee Wee Clayton; Mark Murphy; Ollie Jones ....... and others. When you want a true lover Send for me, send for me You'll never want any other Send for me, send for me I promise you I'll be true Send for me, send for me Anytime just tell me your problems And you'll find out, baby I'll solve 'em If you're late one mornin', don't hurry If you've got big trouble, don't worry Just depend on your friend Send for me, send for me A-mornin', noon and night In the early bright A-Don't you fret, my pretty pet I'm gonna treat you right Don't you dare raise a hair I'm gonna share your every care Anywhere, oh yeah Send for me, I'll be there (Instrumental Break) Anything that upsets you Send for me, send for me I'll be there to protect you Wait and see, wait and see Don't delay, right away Send for me, send for me It's gonna be twiddly-dee, yes sirree You and me faithfully Send for me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2020)


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