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SEOUL MUSIC Yellow Magic Orchestra (Japan) An example of life in old Korea The girl wouldn't let me take her picture Dongdaemon Kimpo Airport An old man with a stick, in white baji chogori, witl a black katsu on his head The taxi driver kept asking if I wanted a woman Highway wa kassoro Myongdong St. has no neon signs Roadside pillboxes with armed police in front Kuni no hana wa mukuge There is a curfew from midnight till 4 Haikara na Myongdong musume From Busan you can see Tsushima The speed limit for passenger cars is 37 miles per hour Yakan no dorojo de no chusha wa chushato o tento suru koto Korea has air raid drill once a month Tokyo-Seoul kan wa yaku nijikan People over 46 speak Japanese (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - March 2003)


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