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SERENADE (COME BACK) (Enrico Toselli / R.H. Elkin) John McCormack - 1915 Efram Zimbalist - 1921 Also recorded by: Josef Locke; José Carreras; Herman Chittison; Frank Patterson; Edmundo Ros & His Orch; London Promenade Orch; Daniela Dessì & Fabio Armiliato; Benjamino Gigli; Leslie Day. Like a golden dream in my heart, ever smiling Lives the image fair of happy love I knew in days gone by Still I seem to hear your laughter beguiling Still to see the joy The love light beaming from your radiant eye Can my dreaming be in vain Will my love ne'er come again? Ah come! Shall we waste the golden hours of youth far apart What care I for life without you by my side Do not delay, the hours slip away Your arms are my paradise You and only you can fill my heart Oh, star of my heaven Come back and shed your light upon my way Come back! Come back! (Contributed/Transcribed by Bill Huntley - January 2006) ***** ORIGINAL ITALIAN: SERENATA (RIMPIANTO) (Enrico Toselli / Alfredo Silvestri) Isaac Salinas Come un sogno d'or scolpito è nel core Il ricordo ancor' di quell'amor che non esiste più Fu la sua vision qual dolce sorriso che più lieta fa, col suo brillar, la nostra gioventù Ma fu molto breve in me la dolcezza di quel ben svani quel bel sogno d'or lasciando in me il dolor. Cupo è l'avvenir sempre più tristi i di la gioventù passata sarà rimpianto mi resta sol sì rimpianto amaro e duol' nel cor! Oh raggio di sole Sul mio cammino ahimè non brii li più Mai più, mai più ***** TOSELLI'S SERENADE (DREAMS AND MEMORIES) (Enrico Toselli / Carl Sigman) Perry Como - 1966 Dreams and memories, Are all that you've left me, Only lonely thoughts, About the one I worship and adore! Dreams and memories, Are what I must live with, Sad remembering, Of golden moments that exist no more! Lovin' arms to hold me tight, And your lips to kiss goodnight, A love that seemed " Oh so right!" And yet, somehow, went wrong! Dreams and memories, The moonlight on your hair, Songs that we sang, That feeling we shared whenever a church bell rang! Oh, the memories and dreams of you! I can't live without you . . . I'll keep on praying you come back to me, To me . . . to me! (Contributed by Bill Huntley - January 2006) ***** TRIVIA: The music was composed in 1900, when Enrico Toselli was just 16 years old, under the title "Serenata for Violin and Piano, Op. 6".


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