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SEVEN BEERS WITH THE WRONG KIND OF MAN Bonnie Blue Eyes Last night I strolled down to the tavern To get me a glass of beer And when I sat down at the table A man came up and said "Dear, Come over and sit at my table And I'll buy you beer by the can" I made my mistake - last night when I drank Seven beers with the wrong kind of man. This man was tall, dark and handsome You could hang out your clothes on his line He said he'd searched this world over But he'd never seen beauty like mine I fell for it hook, line and sinker And then all the troubles began From now on I think - I never will drink Seven beers with the wrong kind of man. He asked me if I had a husband I told him my name was still Miss Was then that he leaned 'cross the table He squeezed me and gave me a kiss I couldn't resist his advances The room seemed to spin 'round and then He said "There's my wife - better run for your life Or you'll not see daylight again." Now I'm in the house of correction His wife said I'd stolen her man It's all on account of my drinkin' Seven beers with the wrong kind of man That big handsome brute said I "vamped" him That I was the worst in the land Now girls stop and think - before you go drink Seven beers with the wrong kind of man.


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