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SEVEN BEERS WITH THE WRONG WOMAN (A parody of "Seven Years With The Wrong Woman") (Karl Davis / Hartford Taylor) Karl & Harty - 1940 Tommy Tucker & His Orch. (vocal: Kerwin Somerville) - 1940 Seven beers with the wrong woman We sat at the table for two The first thing I knew, she whispered "Oh boy, I could sure go for you" My heart beat a little bit quicker As I held her sweet little hand I swelled up with pride, but, oh, how she lied I sure was a foolish young man Seven beers with the wrong woman She made me get up and dance Around and around we circled Till I missed my money from my pants I asked her if she had seen it She smiled up at me and said, "No" To this day to me it's a big mystery I wonder just where did it go Seven beers with the wrong woman Her husband walked in after that And as soon as he spied us together He rushed up and gimme a pat He took me by the seat of my britches And he sure did jerk up the slack And then I got throwed out the door by the boss And he told me to never come back Seven beers with the wrong woman It left me only regret I guess she was only a-foolin' When she called me her darlin' and pet Oh, I wish that the Lord had made Adam And had never made anyone else Just one thing I know, the next place I go I'll buy fourteen beers for myself (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2013)


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