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SEVEN HORSES IN THE SKY The Pebbles (Belgium) Got seven horses racing in the sky, yeah Wich is way too high Smell of ozone in the air Jockey, jockey, why ain't you up there ? Hear the clatter of their hoofs Exploding all around Hidden in a ditch, I really do admire their fidget Please don't make them look at me Got purple horses running in a green pouring sky Try the heat of their breath, forget the feeling being trampled down I'll bet you ten to one, you're just too scared to have a try Search the open field, take a poker in your hand, You'll see they're such a gastronomes ! Seven horses in the sky Seven horses passing by Seven horses won't get tired See how they running See how they running hasty See how they running See how they running way up high They don't need no feed The only feed they need Is my skin to heat Pa - pa - pa - pa ....... I've got to hear them all around


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