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SEVEN SHADES OF SNOW as recorded by June Christy with orchestra conducted by Pete Rugolo 1961 Winter's mostly cold and grey, But I have found it true That a change of heart can change the scene And colour the point of view. When the lights come on, I see Snow red as holly and snow green as a pine tree. Everyone I meet wears a smile, Just for a little while. In the candle shine, I see Snow pink as a sunrise and snow blue in the shadows. Friendly greetings come into style, Just for a little while. Silver snow from starlight on tinsel, Golden snow the sun has made. Seven shades of snow that shine like a rainbow, And like a rainbow, soon will fade. When the lights go out, there'll be The pine tree and the holly, the shadow and the sunrise. Golden days and stars in the night, And though the snow is only white, If my heart can keep this magic glow, I keep seeing seven shades of snow. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2015)


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