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SHADES OF NIGHT (L. Wolfe Gilbert / Anatol Friedland / Malvin Franklin, 1916) When all nature goes to sleep, Master Cupid starts to peep; love chimes ringing love's sweet song, happy hours, for the birds and flowers; time for love is drawing near, mating time is here; now that day is done, two hearts beat as one, while the moon and stars appear. Hark to the songs of the whippoor wills, while the sun sets over the hills touch of nature makes all kin, hearts are filled with pleasure every lover's treasure; children close their drowsy eyes, dew falls from the skies, seems from everywhere, sweethearts here and there, life's a dream of Paradise Shades of night are falling, hear the love birds calling from trees above, sweethearts silhouetting, time and care forgetting, in the spell of love. Twinkle, twinkle little love star, twinkle while the moon beams with delight, nighttime casting shadows over golden meadows love time comes with shades of night.


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