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SHADOWS AND LIGHT (Joni Mitchell) Joni Mitchell Every picture has its shadows And it has some source of light Blindness blindness and sight The perils of benefactors The blessings of parasites Blindness blindness and sight Threatened by all things Devil of cruelty Drawn to all things Devil of delight Mythical devil of the ever-present laws Governing blindness blindness and sight Suntans in reservation dining rooms Pale miners in their lantern rays Night night and day Hostage smile on presidents Freedom scribbled in the subway It's like night night and day Threatened by all things God of cruelty Drawn to all things God of delight Mythical god of the everlasting laws Governing day day and night Critics of all expression Judges in black and white Saying it's wrong saying it's right Compelled by prescribed standards Or some ideals we fight For wrong wrong and right Threatened by all things Man of cruelty-mark of Cain Drawn to all things Man of delight-born again born again Man of the laws the ever-broken laws Governing wrong wrong and right Governing wrong wrong and right Wrong and right (Contributed by =Ae= - December 2014)


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