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SHAKE DOWN THE STARS Jimmy Van Heusen (m) Eddie De Lange (l) Frank Sinatra w Tommy Dorsey & his Orch rec Feb 26th 1940 New York also- Ray Eberle w Glenn Miller & his Orch 40 Dinah Shore 40 Helen Forrest w Benny Goodman & his Orch Jeri Southern Kay Harding w Harry Roy & his Band Shake down the stars, Pull down the clouds, Turn off the moon, Do it soon! I can't enjoy this night without you, Shake down the stars. Dry up the streams, Stop all my dreams, Cut off the breeze, Do it please! I never thought I'd cry about you, Shake down the stars. I gave you ny arms, my lips, my heart, My love, my life, my all; But the best that I had to offer you I found was all too small. Crush every rose, Hush every prayer, Break every vow, Do it now! I know I cannot live without you, Shake down the stars. (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2008)


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