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SHARECROPPIN' BLUES Willard Robison / Mayer as rec by Kay Starr w Charlie Barnet & his Orch 1944 Way down in the Ozarks, there up the road I met a man that looked just like old Grandpa Joe. He said, "Things are tough here, the homesteads are bust, If we don't get some rain we'll soon be gone with the dust!". No bread on the table, ain't no wood in the box, No roof on the stable, got no milk in the crocks. Use rope for suspenders and a goat ate my shoes, I've got those sharecroppin' blues! They call it sharecroppin', but there's nothin' to share, 'Cause nothin' from nothin' leaves a handful of air! There ain't nothin' left here anybody can use, I've got those sharecroppin' blues! My dog don't bring home rabbits, There's no gun on my shelf. Yes, my dog's got funny habits, He's been eatin' all the rabbits by himself! My son's in Jeff City doin' ten to fifteen, My old lady left me when the pickin's got mean. My neighbours can't stand me, they call me bad news, I've got the sharecroppin' blues, I mean I'm a-hungry, I've got those sharecroppin' blues! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2011)


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