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SHELLFISH (Gordon Lightfoot) As recorded Gordon Lightfoot 2004 Even if you're sure before you begin to cry Never rest until you find what is best to be forgot Let it float off in the night beneath the moon. So brightly shining down on the steeples of the town You must not be downhearted over things you left undone. You got faith, to tell you all is well And you know you'd best not stop, there's still a ways to go. Even if you're sure before you begin to sigh Let me show my way is best on the wayward side tonight Let a planet be your guide above the fields Beside the sleeping town, when the work is all shut down. You will not be outsmarted by a song you left unsung You got faith, to make your world take flight There is still a ways to go, 'bout a thousand miles or so. Even if you're sure before you begin to smile Let it happen on its own like a shellfish in the sea I'm as selfish as can be, when it comes down to me And all of my kin, all they wanna do is win You will not be deserted by old friends you left alone You got faith to make you meet the cost And you know you'd best not wait He who hesitates is lost So even if you're sure. (bridge) It's so easy to be shellfish in the sea. (Transcribed by David Story - March 2013)


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