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SHE LOVED A LOT IN HER TIME (Randy Boudreaux / Sam Hogin / Kim Williams) George Jones I started drinking and actin' crazy Way back in '65 Mama would pray and say he's my baby Lord please keep him alive Sister came home with two little children Her man had left her alone Mama knew too well the hurt she'd been feelin' Cause Daddy'd been gone for so long We all did our part to add to her pain We all broke her heart but she never complained Chorus: She loved a lot in her time She watched love grow and die on the vine She stood in the shadows So others could shine She loved a lot in her time Mama's prayers were answered a long time ago I ain't touched a drink in 10 years Sister remarried to a Good Ol' Boy They don't live far from here Mama's work is done Now she's gone on home... The words in our hearts Are engraved on her stone Chorus X 2 Mama, you loved a lot in your time (Transcribed by Nancy - October 2003)


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