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SHE'S MY SUMMER GIRL Jan & Dean (Spoken): 11 bees, 4 wasps, a turtle...11 bees...& a bumblebee Well I met her at the grad night party this year (De dum dum dum dum de dum dum dum) I held her real tight & whispered in her ear "Come on & be my summer girl" CHORUS: She's my summer girl; you know we're havin' fun She's my summer girl; to me she's #1 I take her out surfin' with all the guys (De dum dum...) & man, you oughta see them roll their eyes At my sweet little summer girl (chorus) (Oooooo, de dum dum... Oooooo, she's my summer girl) (chorus) I wonder how it's gonna be when summer's through (De dum dum...) I have to quit all the groovy things we do & forget my summer girl (chorus x2) (She's my summer girl, oooooo She's my summer girl; to me she's #1)


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