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SHE THINKS I DON'T CARE (Henry Haynes / Ken Burns / Dickey Lee Lipscomb / Steve Duffy - a parody of Lipscomb & Duffy's "She Thinks I Still Care") Homer & Jethro - 1963 She thinks I don't care Just because I tried to leave the country Just because I knocked her mother down the stairs Just because I threw a bomb on her front porch today She thinks I don't care Just because I sent her poison ivy Just because I poured molasses in her hair Just because I pushed her brother down the well today She thinks I don't care And if my name is mentioned accidentally They have to pull her off the chandelier She seems to feel that I don't really love her Now where would she get such an idea Just because I took her car and money 'Cause I wrote her name and number, guess where Just because I married her sister and we leave today She thinks I don't care She thinks I don't care (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2014)


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