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SHE WANTS TO BE GOOD (Dallas Frazier) Dallas Frazier - 1970 Last night she let the strong red wine carry her away She spoke of her old sunshine as if he still shined every day Her hand reached out and touched my face and the shame poured from my eyes She told me I had helped her keep her starving dream alive Most of us have been with her in her hours of ??????? But none of us deserved to see or touch her pillow case Among the men who's helped her sin, I'll admit that I've been wrong We'd better search our hearts before we throw another stone She wants to be good But she can't because of men like you and me The restless love of wandering men is the only kind she's had She wants to be good But she can't, she's too lonely and much too weak She carries the shame of a long list of names who taught her to be bad She wants to be good And she would if she could Find someone that would be good to her (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2011)


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