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SHE WAS WAITIN' FOR HER MOTHER AT THE STATION IN TORINO AND YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU BABY BUT IT'S GETTING TOO HEAVY TO LAUGH Shawn Phillips - 1970 The glow Around your face When you see The lightning race I know I'm very near And I can hear The thunder A woman Of perplexity A woman For eternity A woman Of the land A woman For a man I'm down On my knees And I'm saying Please believe me It's hard To fall out Of love Completely It's harder To find a way To come back Discreetly To speak Of things anew To weep In quiet blue Brocade upon your bed Memories should fade At least of you A scepter Of ice and fire A specter Of my desire A girl-child Of such loveliness The woman Of my emptiness A woman Of famed Renown A woman Who kicks the clown A woman Of the land A woman For a man (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - January 2003)


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