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SHOO THE HOODOO AWAY M. Ted Snyder, L. Mort Harris As recorded by: Ambrose & His Orchestra V. Ella Logan & Sam Browne Recorded 4th July 1930 Also recorded by: Jazz In Italy Rhythmic Eight Jack Payne & His Orchestra, V. Jack Plant, w/ Bob Busby & Bob Manning Raie Da Casta Douglas Graham Come all you darkies, I’m wailin’ There’s sure a hoodoo around Lordy, Lordy, There’s sure the hoodoo around We N****r folks, we is wailin’ But we must run him to the ground Brothers, Sisters We must run him to the ground Don’t let your heart grow too heavy Keep smiling’ and maybe We’ll shoo the hoodoo away Though Devil’s sure in a hover The good Lord keeps cover He’ll shoo the hoodoo away You’re always sweatin’, frettin’. hurtin’ Swearin’, darin’ Satan Oh, hear us Lord, Hallelujah For we’re prayin’ to ya To shoo the hoodoo away. Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley - January 2015


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