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SHUFFLE YOUR FEET / BANDANNA BABIES From the Broadway Show "Blackbirds Of 1928" (Dorothy Fields / Jimmy McHugh) Duke Ellington & His Orch. ("Bandanna Babies") - 1928 Don Redman & His Orch. (vocal: Harry & Donald Mills) - 1933 Shuffle your feet and just stroll along Oh, roll along your way Shuffle that worried soul along And stroll along your way Make this a good world to live in Laugh at your troubles and give in Oh, shuffle your little feet, and just stroll along Oh, roll along your way Bandanna babies, struttin' around the town Bandanna babies, doin' the new lowdown Hello, stranger, you're in danger Of losing all your cares So attractive, very active Go along, you blues, we're givin' you air Their black eyes flashin' Tying you up in knots There's lots of cash in Shakin' their polka-dots You're gonna get an eyeful, you'll die full of joy and clown Bandanna babies, doin' the new lowdown! (Contributed by Bill Huntley - February 2005)


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