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SHUTTERS AND BOARDS (Audie Murphy / Scott Turner) Recorded by : Dean Martin; Daniel ODonnell; Charley Pride; Jerry Wallace; Slim Whitman. (Shutters and boards cover the windows) (Of the house where we used to live) CHORUS Shutters and boards cover the windows Of the house where we used to live All I have left is a heart full of sorrow Since she said she'd never forgive The house that we built was once filled with laughter But I changed that laughter to tears And now I live in a world without sunshine Oh, how I wish you were here CHORUS Last night I dreamed that you came to our house To take an old book from the shelf If you'll open the shutters, I'll tear down the boards 'cause I drove ev'ry nail by myself CHORUS SPOKEN: One more time! CHORUS Shutters and boards


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