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SHY (Pine / Loma) Cathy Carr (with Joe Reisman's Orch. & Chorus) - 1959 Every day I go out of my way So he'll see me passing by So near and yet we've never met Oh, why am I so shy When I'm alone, I 've been tempted to phone But I'm so afraid to try He doesn't know I love him so Oh, why am I so shy It's easy to dream the way I do To be loved, to be held, to be kissed But how can my dreams ever come true When he doesn't know I exist Someday I know he'll just whisper 'Hello' And I'll run to meet the guy And when some night he holds me tight I'll be glad that I was shy Yes, I'll be glad I was shy (Oh-oh so shy) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2011)


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